Thursday, November 19, 2009

Visit to doctor

well I had my visit to the doctor. And YES my foot is that swollen! We've had ice on it round the clock and still it's swollen.

We took two xrays. I think Kris enjoyed looking at the before and after xrays - you could see where she cut the bone and moved it and then pinned it.

The pin sticking out the side goes from where you see it to the bottom of the upper knuckle of the big toe. Hence the reason I couldn't bend it. She put a lot more gauze around it this time because I was feeling it too much before.

There are about 15 stitches on the upper part of the foot that she will remove on December 1st.

The pin will be removed in about 4 weeks.

I have been ordered to not put any pressure on it at all until she looks at it again and lets me know. So guess what....I came home and took a nap then got up and fell on my butt! But I saved my foot!!!!


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