Wednesday, November 4, 2009


So with my scan below I decided to try the chiropractor and MAYBE it would help with my migraines. I met with her and told her everything I didn't like and what I didn't want done. Which she was very understanding and followed my orders pretty well.

The first visit we did xrays and I found out that I'm only phase 1 - if you've been there for 4 phases. My issues are with the last vertebrate of the lower spine L5 I think - well it's squished where the sciatic nerve is. There is a very small curve of scoliosis in the middle but she said nothing of much concern. Then there is a bad area in my neck between the C3-C4. That the C4 is being pushed out by the C3 and it is squishing the nerve there which could be a cause of my headaches. At this visit she only did minor stuff to my neck to prepare me. They guess that I need at least 50 sessions to be at complete.

Then I went for the 2nd visit and she really cracked up my back that time. She's pretty tiny so at one point she was laying on me while I was twisted. It sounds really bad but it felt good to get that pop. Only thing is the cracking of my neck gave me a headache this time - OR it could've been the electricity they put through my body. I am not a fan of this. She also did some stretching and stuff with me that my body was not happy about.

Today I went again but this time it was a guy. They didn't tell me I'd see a guy. I really only went because I had talked to the girl. Now I'm not sure if I will go if he can do it whenever. I felt really awkward with the guy. He immediately did the electricity but he didn't put it on my shoulders instead he put it below my belt line and the center of my back. I was defiinitely more tense with him doing it than the girl.

When I go back on Friday I will probably tell her if she can't do it then I don't want to come in. The good thing is that in 3 visits I do feel better and my back is not hurting half as bad. I feel much looser and it's not bugging as much to turn my head. I just don't know if I can have the guy twisting me around.

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