Monday, November 23, 2009


I'm done with the confinement of the couch and elevated foot! I have fallen at least one time every day since surgery. Yesterday was the worst. Trying to go to the bathroom is HORRIBLE! I took one hop in to the bathroom and BAM was on the floor. I was caught by my knee on my good leg --- today it has a huge black and blue bruise! Not to mention trying to pull your pants up while balancing on one leg and knowing a tub is on one side of you waiting for you to fall in!

This morning I woke up in a lot of pain but it wasn't the normal areas. Usually the pin is the most painful area and the area between the big toe and 2nd toe - that's where she cut away the "soft tissue". Today it's the side of the foot that had nothing done to it. I pulled the gauze up a little bit so Kris could take a peek and his face was enough. He said it's practically black from bruising.

I haven't had a pain pill since last Thursday but I took one today and am waiting for it to kick in. Kris requires that I do not open the computer for the first few hours of the pill. I wrote an email to Haven's doctors while loaded on meds and the doctor told Kris he didn't know how to respond. So I will sleep.......

Nikkideez comes this week - we will go to my mom and dad's on Turkey day. They are cleared to see Haven that day.

I got some get well cards from my aunt Candy and Grandma today --- that was very nice! I'm so used to Haven getting mail I gave them to her and she said they were for me.

I'm also selling some stuff on Ebay and am excited to do so. You can pick a charity that you want to donate a percent of your earnings to. I checked and one of our favorites was on there. Casey Cares Foundation. I was looking for Matt's Helpers Foundation but they were not on there. So right now 10% of my ebay goes to Casey Cares!

Casey Cares sends Haven tickets to parks and concerts, we've received restaurant gift cards, Halloween t-shirts, and an awesome Casey Cares t-shirt.

Matt's Helpers has been there from the beginning too. They have sent us money, gift cards, and gifts for Haven. Just recently they sent us $200 in gas cards. THESE ARE AWESOME! Kris is the only one that uses these. The only place he goes is Hopkins so one tank of gas lasts him 2 - 3 weeks. So these cards will last a few months.


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