Sunday, November 15, 2009

Prepping for Surgery day is being spent prepping for surgery. Everyone seems a bit concerned about laundry, food, and house cleaning after my surgery. So I'm overdoing the laundry to make sure everyone has clothes, going grocery shopping, and cleaning.

Cleaning is not going so well since everything is cute to Haven and required that we must keep. So I'm probably going to leave the pink room as it is. Everytime I grab something she wants to know why that has to be thrown away. UUUGGG....

Tomorrow at 8:30 am I will have surgery. I'm quite a bit nervous. Not about the surgery but not being able to walk for a while. That scares me more than the surgery. I did get my new pain meds. The doctor originally prescribed Percocet - which I did realize was Oxycodone. I can't take that because it makes me feel like bugs are on me and very itchy. So it was changed to Darvocet.

It's a beautiful day today and Haven has homework that requires her to be outside. So we're going to do that while I'm still able to walk.

I asked Haven if she was going to help take care of me and she said sure as long as she wasn't busy with her crafts and school work. :) Yea, she loves me.

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