Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.

Everyone on Facebook has been doing their daily things they are thankful I made a list of some...but not all....

1. my sudden decision to move to CA at 21 with no family, meet some boy and get married - without this I wouldn't have my Haven.

2. Johns Hopkins - without their knowledge and skills I probably would've lost my baby.

3. Kris - taking care of Haven 24/7 for the past 2 years and if he wouldn't have been able to take over 100 days off this year and get Haven to the hospital I may not have my baby.

4. ROHHAD moms - without the strength of these mom's and the shared stories of their children I probably would've succumb to a mental breakdown.

5. Friends, Family, and Strangers who have taken the time to learn about my daughter, her illnesses and have stopped for a few minutes and sent me encouraging words or letters to my daughter.

6. The company I work for - without their understanding I would've missed the most precious moments with my daughter that I could never get back.

7. Child foundations - without many of these we may not have been able to get through the past 2 years - Casey Cares, Matt's Helpers Foundation, Make-A-Wish, Believe In Tomorrow, Make A Child Smile

8. Family for giving everything they could to Haven - paying for over a year of Lauren to be with Haven twice a week, working with home nurse to get a grant for Haven, custom made clothing, coming out to spend time with Haven and making her laugh, taking Haven when we need to get errands done....just everything

9. I'm very thankful I do not have to drive anywhere for the holidays - instead I only have to walk about 20 feet and get some yummy food.

10. Thankful my mom has made 2 turkeys and 1 ham this my dad won't whine that everyone takes all the leftovers and he doesn't get any.

There are a million more......

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