Thursday, November 19, 2009

Foot surgery

Well this is all I have for now......

Surgery was Monday at 8:30am. I met with the anesthesiologist right before and she told me a few things I wasn't expecting and I wanted to cancel surgery right there!
First the anesthesia was going to be so light she said I might wake up during the surgery! WHAT??? I don't want to know anything about it.

Then the doctor came in to go over what she was going to do again. She cut two bones in my right foot and grinded down another bone. Then pinned them together. One of my pins is sticking out of my foot by 3/4 of an inch. It sticks out the side.

Well I did. The first time I woke up I could hear the doctor grinding on one of the bones in my foot. I started yelling that I could hear her and I didn't want to. So they knocked me back out then I woke up again and instantly was crying. I could feel her pulling the skin on my foot apart. I didn't want to feel that. I heard the nurse say "don't cry" and then I was out again. The third time I woke up I was over it. Instantly started asking if we were done yet because I was tired of laying there. Well they were, they were just wrapping me up.

There was essentially no recovery because I was in and out so much during the surgery. They went over a few things with me which I couldn't remember - at least Kris had talked to the doctor.

Monday I slept the rest of the day and cried most of it. The pain was so intense and the Darvocet was doing nothing. I practiced breathing and mind over pain instead. I think I finally passed out around 3am from pain.

Tuesday the pain was much better - still hurting a lot. I have been using Haven's wheelchair instead of the crutches. It's just too hard in the house.

Wednesday was all about pain where the main part of surgery was. The bone on the outside, the bone between my big toe and middle toe, and the pin sticking out the side of my foot. Didn't matter what position I was in it hurt. I didn't get to sleep lastnight until around 4:30am only to have Haven yelling to wake up at 6am.

Today is the same as yesterday. I can't get a good position. I woke up with a major allergy issue of my eye. I had this for a couple of weeks before surgery but it started to go away. I think surgery has taken my entire body to heal which has left my eye open for infection. I called my doctor this morning and she called in an antibiotic for me. Now I'm guzzling orange juice and vitamins. I have to be healed completely 100% by January 25th!

This afternoon I go back to the podiatrist and she is going to unwrap the foot to look at it, clean it off, and rewrap it. Look for some cool pics later!!!! I can't wait to see my foot. It makes you crazy not being able to see what's going on. Kris looked at my toes yesterday and they were extremely swollen and turning black/blue. I want to know what is burning at my heel.

Love to all.......

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