Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sleep walking.....

Well my plan was to get a lot done this weekend but that was foiled by an insane sleepwalker. The last time we were locked up on a high dose treatment Haven spent a total of 5 weeks sleep walking. We even had to zip her in to a bed while at the hospital. Well this time is no different.

My shift is the weekends because I work all week. Haven drained me this weekend. Friday I took some video of her talking crazy. I missed the good stuff but got her yelling at me. That's always funny. But when I climbed in bed it was only the beginning.

Friday I was up until 2:30 am with her screaming and constantly sitting up in the bed throwing her arms and legs around.

Saturday I was up until 4:30am (never a small sleeping break) and she was crazy. She was screaming and yelling at everyone. A few times she yelled for her sister Kendall. She just kept yelling "KENDALL" but never said anything with it. Then she was talking about Disney and what she's going to do there. She talked about her friend Mason and why he wants to go to a farm instead of Disney and that she is not going to a farm. (I'll have to share that story). She was mad a me because I wasn't looking where she wanted me to look.

Then at 3:00 am I heard a noise that sounded funny. I waited and then I heard stomping feet and jumping. Miss Haven was running all over the place. I grabbed her and calmed her down. Then had her sit on the floor while I fixed her bed and changed her. Got her back in bed only to have more yelling. Then at 4:00 am she was up and running again!

Needless to say I spent Sunday with a migraine and slept half the day away. Kris did the night shift and she had him up at 3:00 with the same craziness. I hope these next few weeks go by fast so we can start sleepin again!

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  1. Dear Misty,

    Praying that something can be done to prevent Haven from sleepwalking and screaming at you.

    Waiting to hear more about a new addition to the family!

    Please tell Miss Haven that I said hello and give her a big hug from me.

    With caring prayers,