Friday, October 16, 2009

My Sister Wendy

I just want to share my sister and her family. Wendy and Mike were stationed in Hawaii for the past four years and this past May they moved to San Diego. She has a great California look.... My sister and Mike have been married for at least 100 years it seems like and he's been stationed in Iraq four times since having their first child, Mike.

My sister recently enjoyed turning 31 years old. I haven't seen my sister in 5 years. Last I saw her Haven was about 2 months old.

They now have 3 beautiful children: Mike (10), Selena (8), and Kristana (5).
My sister just found out today that she has cancer and will be seeing her Oncologist on September 14th. I would just like to ask that all those who pray and think about Haven throw my sister in there. Her family needs her and so do we!
EDIT: My sister has been diagnosed with Melanoma - I honestly didn't really know what that was or how bad it was. I think I hear it all the time on commercials. But if you click on the word Melanoma above you will get a full definition of this cancer. It is the most dangerous of skin cancers. She did have a hard lump removed from her shoulder - it was sent to 2 different labs and both came back with the same diagnosis. She is now going in to have her lymphnodes tested and an MIBG to check to see if it has spread to other organs.
Love you lots Wendy!!!!

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