Friday, October 16, 2009

Finally find a doctor

This isn't about Haven - really - but in a way it is. I have had insane migraines for the past few years - after having surgery in 2001 to get rid of them.

Well I had given up on doctors after going through 5 different ones. I talked with Haven's pediatrician Dr. Cooper and she urged me to go and see her husband who is an Internist. Well....I had my doubts but I scheduled the appointment and met with this nurse practitioner. I went in with a list of items needing fix but two items were the high priority...migraine and my right foot.

All the other doctors had given me Percocet, Oxycotin, and Morphine....all I ever wanted was Midrin. Well NP Kathy found the generic form of Midrin and was able to get it prescribed to me!

FINALLY!!! She also put me on Nortryptilin - which is a pill I take each night to help in keeping the migraines away. She also felt I would be good on this since my blood pressure has gone up a bit from the usual. It was listed in Prehypertension.....which is extremely odd for me since I'm usually below low. We did a lower dose so my BP wouldn't drop too much. We also did a bunch of blood work to check my liver, kidneys, sugar, thyroid, and anemia. I'll get those back by next Friday.

How does this help Haven???? Well I've had a constant migraine for the past 2 weeks and as soon as I'd get home from work I'd go straight to sleep. Well this entire weekend I have been able to hang out and play with Haven. So nice.....

Thank you to both doctor Cooper's and NP Kathy....I finally found a doctor!

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