Friday, October 16, 2009

Sister's Surgery

I received a text from my sister around 11am today that she was at the hospital. They did a bit more radiation, shot her up with dye and waited. About 30 minutes later they got the results back and one of her lymph nodes had lit up showing that the cancer had spread. She would need an incision at that point that would be about 3 inches long to get the lymph node out. They would also cut out all the surface cancer which reached about 1/4 inch down in to her skin.

Around 6:45 pm I received a text that she was now in recovery. At 7:30 pm I would guess that she woke back up because I got another text that she was feeling good and loaded up with Morphine and Percocet. Her husband Mike is with her. I'm not sure yet if she will be going home tonight or not. I get a text about every 40 I'm guessing she is passing in and out.

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