Monday, October 26, 2009

Shape Ups

So I've really been wanting them but when you have a kid you don't find the money to spend on yourself when there are probably 50 things they need instead - but not really - you just think they need.

I keep talking about these shoes and that with my broken foot I wanted to try a different type of shoe. So I came home to a gift from Haven and Daddy! thank you

They are the new Shape Ups from Skechers. They come with a DVD and book and all this crazy stuff. But like a man I did not read the directions or watch the DVD. I immediately put them on and did every errand I could think of - groceries, house cleaning, walmart, get the idea. After about 4 hours my legs were dead! Last night I laid in bed in pain until finally falling asleep around 1:30am. I've had very bad insomniac issues lately.

I am wearing them again today but did take a minute to read the book. It says to start out at 30 minutes a day wearing them until you are used to them! No wonder my bad foot feels like it has a bruise on the outer bone. It also helps me realize I walk ridiculous....I always walk on the outside of my foot because my inside is broked! These shoes don't like that.

So all in all, I really really like them. They are extra squishy and I grow about 3 inches when I put them on! :)

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