Sunday, October 18, 2009

Foot surgery

Well earlier this week I went to the doctor and scheduled my surgery. I didn't realize I would have multiple doctor appointments just to have surgery.

November 3 - size pre-op papers and review pain medications!
November 3 - crutch training at physical therapy - did you know they have an obstacle course that you have to pass on the crutches before you can have the surgery!

November 5 - physical to confirm I am ok for surgery and more blood work....yea so excited!

November 16 - surgery. They will cut the bone in 2 places, re-align it, and then re-pin it back together - I watched a video of the procedure so I now know what happens. It's not really "breaking" the foot.

I'm not allowed to put any pressure on the foot for the first week and then once I go back in to see her to remove the stitches she will show me how to start working on light pressure.

So sounds like a great Thanksgiving this year!!!!!

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