Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The 4th of July

We had an amazing time at Grandma and Grandpa's for the 4th of July.  Not to mention mom and dad got to go on a date and see World War Z!!!!!

The drive is always an adventure....but there is a petting zoo along the way that allows the kids to get out and stretch.

Weston got to sit facing forward for the first time in his life.  At first he was a bit a nervous but it was so much easier on mom!

While we were at the movies we received a text from the girls.......

Time for fireworks.  Grandpa went out and bought some fireworks for the kids to have fun with.....(kids being dad and grandpa!)  :)  Haven even got out there with a Extra Large California Candle

Miss Rohnin enjoyed the sparklers with grandpa's help.  She was glued to his side the entire evening.

99% of the's hard to keep the collection in one location for a picture! ;)

It was a great weekend.  We got to visit one of the hottest places in the US!  It was 103 at midnight!!!!! The babies had a blast and I'm pretty sure Grandma and Grandpa did too!

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