Monday, July 1, 2013

Fair and Parade

While we have no idea why there was a carnival in our back yard or why there was a full 1 1/2 hour parade this past weekend....but we had lots of fun!  Even if it was insanely hot!

 My girls at the carnival

 Checking out the princess booth - Miss Rohnin becoming her sister daily......

 At the princess booth - getting their nails done

 Miss Haven getting nails done.....

 The next day we had the parade - which was on the street behind our house.  The girls really had a blast.....we left Stone and Daddy in the background in the shade.  The girls ran out in to the street waving and collecting candy all morning.

Haven with her flag.  The parade was pretty cool.  Lots of companies in the city we didn't know existed...especially dance companies.  Haven has been looking in to dancing....she really wants to get in to ballet.  I see her more as a jazz girl.  But we'll see what we find.

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