Monday, June 24, 2013

No sleep weekend

Well it started with Weston having to go back to the doctor on Friday for his diaper rash which is being caused by the latest round of antibiotics for the ear infection. Neither of my girls have ever had ear infections.  The rash is so bad it's causing him to be raw and bleeding.  So now he has 2 creams, probiotics, and antibiotics.

Then the doctor here in Utah realized that Connecticut never gave Weston his shots - since 2 months old.  So we are now working on getting him caught up.  We did 4 shots (which are filled with multiple virus things - I don't even know what all we gave him).  The Tetanus shot was the worst as it made it hard for him to walk all weekend.  If he slept then it would stiffen up.  He also went through a few bouts of high temps.  He will do another round of these shots in 3 weeks and then another round 3 weeks after that.  By the time he is 18 months old he should be completely caught up.  Thank God for numbing cream - I use it on them for all the shots and they don't feel them.

By today (Monday) he is doing much better.

Here are a few happy photos of the weekend.........Grandma and Grandpa in Virginia sent him some money for his birthday and Haven and I did the best shopping we could.  The kids love love love the presents.....

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