Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hong Kong - 2013

Just some photos from my last trip to Hong Kong in March.  Honestly it never changes - they are constantly building and they build higher and higher.  I'm not sure there is much land left to build on.  I really like Hong Kong - one of my favorite international cities.

Some areas are not so great....

This is the primary school.....look how huge it is.  I was shocked!

The buildings always amaze me at how high they are and so complex

Just jam packed....

In Kowloon

Shopping district in Kowloon

More shopping...not sure about Pancake Colours

Visit to the factory

Bike frame manufacturer at the yellow sign

Hong Kong Community College

Preschool and Kindergarten..........hhhhhmmmm

Cute little drinks of something.....I didn 't try them....but they are cute.

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