Thursday, May 6, 2010 it done yet?

Everytime someone asks me what my hobbies are or what I like to do I just can't answer. I don't have a become a mom with a sick child and really you don't think about what YOU like to do's all about your child......

But then after another round of yard work and gardening I realized....I like to garden! I am constantly out there with my dad planting flowers, trees, digging holes...or something of the sort. So there - that's my hobby! I love gardening thanks to my grandpa and my dad....both love to do it. I'm also a freak and love to mow the lawn....

So Haven and I started a garden about two years ago. It was a small garden of randomness. Then she got really sick and we lived at the hospital for a long time. Last summer I never even looked at the just became an overgrown jungle of mess. So last weekend I decided it was time to bring it back to life.

I spent almost 7 hours out in the dirt on Sunday with lots of digging to do. The above used to be I had to take all that off and make a dirtbed.

Then Haven and I went to the store and picked out lots of pretty flowers. She prefers the annuals - which is fine they are only a dollar. But I'm not doing this every we mixed perennial with annual. She helped with picking the spots she wanted the flowers in and I planted them.

Then we had the other side to mom and Haven helped with this side. Haven even got in there and dug out the grass. I really wanted Bleeding Hearts - so those are planted in the middle (naked area). Next year these should look beautiful.

So now I have my cherry tree blooming, peach tree blooming, and a bunch of flowers in the front. Need to figure out what else I can dig up!

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