Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Foot doctor

So yesterday was my 4 week since the last visit - visit! I really thought I was doing pretty well. I stopped taking pain meds after the big snow - it was tough shoveling with a broken foot!

My foot is still swollen and bruised at the incision site and especially where the pin was is very tender. I have been trying to exercise it as much as I can but it really hurts to bend my toe. Even when I walk I push down on it.

With only a couple weeks until Disney I have to be ready to walk for hours every day. The other night I bent it so far and cried through the pain that it even popped. Which felt good but I don't know if it was good.

After X-rays yesterday the doctor came in to ask if I was still in pain. Of course I am but it's tolerable. She put the x-rays up and it seems that my foot is still broke and she showed me the two fractures that aren't healing as they should be. She said it may take about 8 months to be fully back to normal.

I try to keep my shoes on but I don't like wearing shoes in the house for Haven. Doctor said I must always have them on if I want it to heal - I definitely don't want it pinned again.

Other than that I sleep a lot!!!! I barely have time to update Haven's page because I'm most likely sleeping. I've been on medication since October for migraines, foot surgery, eye infections, endometriosis, and insanity.......I'm barely feeling human again!

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