Thursday, December 17, 2009


Reflecting back on a horrible month! this is 3 days after surgery

This was 2 weeks after surgery. We removed the stitches and had to adjust the pin since I kicked it further in to my foot.

This is one month after surgery. We removed the pin about 1 minute after this photo. This is at the 4 week mark. Stitches area has healed up nicely. Foot looks like a zombie foot.

Finally - The pin is out and 24 hours later I was allowed to shower! It was the best shower I've taken in a very long time!
Walking is still a challenge and I am not supposed to do much on it yet. She wants me in sneakers full time by January 15th.
Thank you to my mom for taking me to my appointments and holding my hand while the doc pulled the pin out.

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  1. Mist; I was checking out your foot; it looked horriable. My scar is in almost the same place; I did not have stiches; he left it open; it was a nightmare had to change bandage and hold the foot together UGH!!! My incision was between the big toe and next toe and a screw was inserted that is still there.