Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Whew hoooo....we had an awesome storm tonight! It started with small thunder and it was so hot and sunny and humid. Then I let the dog out and started getting sprinkled....before we could make it to the door we had a downpour! My dad called a minute later to tell me to look out the window and we had hail...and the hail kept getting bigger and bigger until it was chunks of ice!

The winds were insane! Let's just say my front garden I have worked so hard on all spring has been ripped out by the roots and flowers are laying on the sidewalk. The neighbors grill is laying flat in his back yard and trashcans are everywhere! Then the tornado sirens started going...so we were prepared to head to the basement bathroom. Biggest concern was the cars - ours were fine but my friend about a mile from me has hail damage.

The glass that used to be in that table was damaged from the last storm.

Then wha la....the sun was out - humid as ever and a beautiful rainbow! Awesome night. So glad I wasn't stuck on the freeway tonight.

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