Friday, February 19, 2010

My ridiculous foot is my foot 90 days after surgery! I went the doctor at the beginning of this week for my check up and it's really been hurting after such a busy last month.

I do my x-rays....and comes in and shows me that my foot is STILL broken in two places. It's a clear break all the way through the bones.

So those two areas are where it is broken and the shape of the break is a V - where the doctor cut the bone. For some reason it is not healing. So next Tuesday I will get a bone stimulator to use on my foot each night for one month. This is to help the bones mend back together. She put me on reduced range of motion - especially after one night of exercising my toe and I felt it slip. I could barely move my body I was in shock and pain. I couldn't even cry it hurt so bad. I just laid there in shock.

Not only is everything still broken but my foot is still swollen where all the soft tissue was cut and the hole where the pin stuck out still hurts. She said this will probably take 8 - 9 months to heal. Funny - no one told me this before having surgery!


  1. I'm using a bone growth stimulator daily for the next several months following my neck surgery last December. I hear they work really well. Good luck.

    Haven's friend Marilyn in Florida

  2. Another thing that I can relate to. You should see my foot! Scar looks about the same; just wait to see what happens when you try to buy shoes! It will be almost impossible. One foot becomes a size larger than the other. In my case hammer toes; and twisted toes and yes pain. The way I walk now also causes leg and hip pain; what can I say except I am completely messed up.